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For a Theta Chi, it’s all about experiences. The experiences and memories that you build will be the best value that you have accumulated over your lifetime as you sit back and evaluate your life as an old man. If you’re a driven, passionate, resolute young man who is looking to join an organization that can build your character and perpetuate your ideals, Theta Chi might just be the right fraternity for you. Our brothers hold each other to the highest standards and are always willing to lend a helping hand to help each other succeed. Keep reading to learn more about the experiences and opportunities Theta Chi has to offer driven young men.



Brotherhood is an incredibly strong bond of friendship. If you’ve ever been a part of a close sports team, organization, or other group, you might be able to imagine because it is quite similar. The Brotherhood that you will form upon accepting a bid at Theta Chi doesn’t end when you graduate. There has been a saying around the house for years, “You don’t join Theta Chi for four years, you join it for a lifetime.” The bonds you form with your brothers will truly be unmatched by any friendship you have ever had. These will be the men at your wedding, who will always be there for you when you need an assisting hand and who will share and help build the best memories of your life.


Your four years in Theta Chi will be the most memorable and exciting years of your life. Between having mixers, homecoming week, tailgates, road trips to other chapters, annual formals, chapter retreats every semester, and all of the unplanned experiences you’ll share with your brothers in between, it is an experience to savor. Your social experience will absolutely be memorable and exciting, but at Theta Chi we never lose site of our education and preparation for the future.



Theta Chi’s maxim is, "Alma mater first, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater,” which expresses our commitment to scholastic achievement. Between all the exciting social endeavors at your very fingertips, we always remember that we are here at Texas Tech University to get a good education. With Brothers at all different stages of their college careers, there is always a Brother who has taken classes you are taking and can help you with any subject that might be difficult. We are committed to continuing to maintain a strong chapter GPA and continuously help each other succeed.


Here at Texas Tech University, you can rush during the opening weeks of each semester, allowing you ample time to make the right choice. If you're interested, direct message our Instagram and we will help set up a time to stop by at the house or a rush event.

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